A terrible oversight

By Justin Ling

Would judicial authorization really be required for CSIS to break up a threat?

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After Carter v. Canada

By Jocelyn Downie

What should federal lawmakers do next? Read More »

Is it time to legalize marijuana?

By National

A panel of experts weigh the pros and cons. Read More »

A return to the fold?

By Antoine Leduc

 Will Alberta bring back official bilingualism after 150 years? Read More »

Right to strike?

By Justin Ling

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What you see is what you understand: Using visuals in contracts

By Cheryl Stephens

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Perspectives on ABS

By National

Dystopia or the saving grace for access to justice? Read More »

A question of consent

By Katya Hodge

"The sexual assault trial is always about the woman."

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Zipper merge

By Douglas Mah

A little collaboration goes a long way. Read More »

How big data can give you a competitive edge

By Julie Sobowale

Law firms willing to make the investment can use legal analytics to add value for clients. Read More »

Innovation nation

By National

The future is not all grim for lawyers, particularly for the non traditional practitioner. Read More »

Starting your own firm

By Sandra Awovi A. Komassi

If working in a law firm sounds like a siren’s call, consider flying solo. Read More »