The Practice

Own the podium

By Becky Rynor

Why old-school public speaking skills still matter. Read More »

Pensions vs. insolvency

By Carol Neshevich

Pensions lawyer Rachel Arbour of Hicks Morley says the Indalex ruling brings balance back to the competing interests of pension plans and insolvency law. Read More »

Q&A: Paul Lippe

By Beverley Spencer

Paul Lippe, CEO of OnRamp Systems, discusses emerging trends in demography, technology and the delivery of legal services. Read More »

Interview with Melanie Aitken

By Pablo Fuchs

National caught up with former Competition Commissioner Melanie Aitken to share her thoughts on anti-competitive practices in Canada and abroad. Read More »

Global practice

By Yves Faguy

Norman Steinberg, Chairman of Norton Rose Global, discusses his new role and some of the challenges facing global law firms in today’s competitive marketplace. Read More »

Law in the digital age

By Yves Faguy

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, sat down with National to talk about law in the digital age. Read More »

Interview with Lucien Bouchard

By Yves Faguy

The former Premier of Quebec sat down with Yves Faguy during the CCCA World Summit in Montreal to talk about the state of the legal profession and current affairs. Read More »