Outstanding CBA volunteer: Kamaljit Lehal

By CBA/ABC National April 16, 201816 April 2018

Outstanding CBA volunteer: Kamaljit Lehal


CBA National: What is your main motivation for giving back as a CBA volunteer?

Kamaljit Lehal: It’s as simple as giving back to the profession. I have been practising for going on 28 years. The initial years as a lawyer was adjusting to the business of law since I had set up my own firm a few years after becoming a lawyer. After settling into my law practice I decided to have a family. So the next decade was having and raising four children while practising law. During this time I wasn’t able to really give back to the profession. Now that my children are older I have been able to make time to take on some roles that I thought I could add some value to in the CBA. I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities I have been given.

N: We’ve all heard the saying, “Be the change you wish to see.” What is it that you want to achieve by giving your time to the CBA?

KL: In my current role as chair of the National Equality Subcommittee I would really like to see action steps. CBA as a whole has gone through a lot of restructuring with an aim to being more transparent and inclusive. I would like to build upon that and ensure that CBA nationally is connected with its provincial branches in meaningful way and that we are collectively not just striving for but are achieving diversity and inclusion. The lines of communications between national and provincial CBA needs to be solid and needs to extend beyond the CBA to other lawyer organizations and key stakeholders. I would like to see a permanent “round table” of all these people working towards ensuring diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

N: Has anything surprised you in what you've taken away from the experience?

KL: I am surprised at how generous people have been with their time and feedback on the specific committee I am involved in. Everyone is busy but they still somehow find the time to participate, provide critical feedback and offer some great ideas on how to make inroads.  

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