The Canadian Bar Review is now open access

By Yves Faguy May 24, 201824 May 2018

The Canadian Bar Review is now open access

Open research is gradually reshaping the way that researchers collaborate to advance knowledge and discovery. Now, as part of its mandate to foster dialogue and collaboration between legal scholars and practitioners, the CBA’s bilingual peer-reviewed legal journal, The Canadian Bar Review, has gone open access

The move to an open access platform is also in keeping with the CBA’s commitment to advancing access to justice and the advancement of the law.

The country’s top legal minds can now publish their articles in a timely manner and even use the new platform’s automated submission process.  Readers will have easier access to the publication and be able to effortlessly share its contents.

To get a sense of our new platform, please go visit the most recent edition.  It explores a range of issues from Canada’s "institutional turn" in religious freedom litigation and how Canada’s legal framework should be reformed to restructure Canada’s relationship with Indigenous peoples to data on defamation law in Canada, the prosecutor’s role in seeking justice in an adversarial system and the outsourcing of legal services.

Do take the time to check it out.  It’s time well spent.

The Canadian Bar Review, founded in 1923, is edited by Law dean Chris Waters, criminal law professor David M. Tanovich, both from the Faculty of  Law at the University of Windsor, and by Patrice Deslauriers, professor in the Faculty of Law at the Université de Montréal.

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