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Our top 12 for '12

December 17 2012 17 December 2012

It’s been a year full of changes at National and we look forward to what promises to be a fun and fascinating 2013.

But before we tackle a whole new set of trends and developments in law, we’d like to take this opportunity to revisit some of our best articles from 2012. So, in no particular order, and in the spirit of palindrome and same-number calendar dates that characterized this last year, we offer you our top 12:

1. The hurting profession
2. The tipping point
3. Unwarranted access 
3. Crime and punishment 
4. The art of intervention 
5. In conversation: Alison Redford
6. The endangered partner
7. Interview with Jean Chrétien
8. The law of expedience 
9. Taking the short view
10. Licensed to know
11. So you want to be a judge?
12. Evidence over ideology

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