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The Claude Robinson plagiarism saga

December 23 2013 23 December 2013

Regardless of the outcome of the decision rendered by the Supreme Court of Canada today in the Claude Robinson plagiarism case, Brian Myles at Le Devoir makes the obvious point about what the case says about our justice system:

For 17 years the creator fought an uneven fight to expose the truth. Relying on his tenaciousness and insight, he even managed to demonstrate that Cinar used a system of nominees to obtain subsidies and tax credits.

The costs and delays are symptomatic of the problems of access to justice.

Mr. Robinson carries a debt of at least 2.5 million dollars in lawyers' fees. He is ruined and psychologically broken by this dispute that has monopolised a good part of his active life.

And on the other side, some of his adversaries could count on their insurance to pay their lawyers' fees.  And that doesn't even take into account the fact that those lawyers' fees are tax deductible for companies, though not for individuals.

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