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June 26 2014 26 June 2014

I’ve always been a firm believer in the CBA’s work, but as I reflect on my year in office, one moment stands out as a time that mission came to life for me.

I was sitting on a bench outside the CBC studio in Montreal after a busy day of media interviews. The CBA was speaking out about suggestions by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the government that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada had acted inappropriately, despite evidence to the contrary.

My thoughts turned to how glad I am to be part of an organization that defends the role of the courts as impartial and independent decision-makers; glad to help reinforce public confidence in the courts and enhance understanding of the importance — and the fragility — of the rule of law. It was a powerful reminder about why the CBA matters.

The CBA also has made great progress on other pressing issues since August: adopting and now implementing a report on access to equal justice; completing the final report from the CBA Legal Futures Initiative; supporting efforts by law firms to increase diversity and looking at how our Board can help ensure our leadership is as diverse as the profession we serve; and the “routine” job of intervening in court cases, making submissions to government and supporting members. We also made progress on objectives I had set for this year: encouraging in-house counsel and students to get more involved in CBA and other professional organizations, and raising our profile, especially in Quebec.

Our members, volunteers and staff work together to deliver on initiatives and services that benefit our members in their work lives and address some of the broader questions in our society. None of this can be accomplished without your support.

I’d like to thank our members for their support and encourage everyone to help the CBA continue its role as the voice of the profession.

We are needed — more than ever.

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Fred Headon is a past President of the Canadian Bar Association and chair of the CBA Legal Futures Initiative. / Fred Headon est le président sortant de l'Association du Barreau canadien et préside le Projet de l'ABC Avenirs en droit.

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