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March 5 2014 5 March 2014

When I began my term as president, I was really looking forward to meeting our volunteers from across the country. As a long-time member, I’ve always been impressed by the time and energy our volunteers dedicate to the CBA.

From St. John’s to Whitehorse, whether it means leading a PD session, helping to shape CBA policy or working on law reform initiatives, our volunteers bring their unique blend of enthusiasm and specialized skills to growing the CBA’s profile and impact at home and abroad.

Consider this: 1,007 volunteers participate in our sections and conferences at the national level alone; that includes officers, branch chairs, and committee and executive members. In 2012-13, 312 members were involved in preparing submissions to government and 17 served as pro bono counsel on interventions. That’s an astonishing level of dedication and commitment.

But as anyone who has volunteered will tell you — and I include myself — the rewards make it all worthwhile. Interacting with other volunteers builds peer relationships that can last a lifetime; being part of something larger than oneself — or one’s own practice — produces enormous satisfaction; and getting involved in new initiatives provides great opportunities to learn and grow as a professional.

What’s more, the important work CBA does won’t get done by itself. The CBA needs a strong volunteer base to help deliver on our mission, take on new projects and engage with the wider community.

If you’re already involved as a volunteer, please accept my thanks. If you’re not, please consider getting involved. And if you can’t, you still can support the CBA through your membership, by buying CBIA and CBAF products and by supporting the Law for the Future Fund.

You’ll get back more than you put in. I guarantee it.

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Fred Headon is a past President of the Canadian Bar Association and chair of the CBA Legal Futures Initiative. / Fred Headon est le président sortant de l'Association du Barreau canadien et préside le Projet de l'ABC Avenirs en droit.

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