October - November 2012

Blazing trails

By Lyndsie Bourgon

Will a new generation force the profession to finally take work-life balance seriously? Read More »

The art of intervention

By Emily White

You don’t have to be completely neutral. But try not to draw too much attention to your stake in the outcome. Read More »

C-11 : Is anyone happy?

By Marc-André Séguin

A new Copyright Act is finally in force. To some observers that may be the only good news. Read More »

What’s the outlook for the real estate lawyers?

By Pablo Fuchs

Five years after the world’s real estate bubble burst, Canada’s market continues to outshine those of most other developed economies. Read More »

Q&A: Paul Lippe

By Beverley Spencer

Paul Lippe, CEO of OnRamp Systems, discusses emerging trends in demography, technology and the delivery of legal services. Read More »

Road rage, Canadian-style

By Douglas Mah

Nanny Statism is no match for today’s driving hazards. Read More »

When shareholders flex their muscles

By Pablo Fuchs

Corporate Canada has been rattled by proxy fights started by confident investors. A good plan can put your company in a better position to fight back. Read More »

Legal research in the digital age

By Gloria Song

Why there is still a role for the law library. Read More »

Online resources for lawyers

By Gloria Song

There’s a wealth of interesting online resources now available to lawyers. Law librarians and research lawyers recommend some of their favorites. Read More »

Finger on the pulse

By Gloria Song

From Google Alerts to newsletters, there’s lots of ways to stay on top of breaking legal developments.
Read More »