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Legal Futures round-up: August 9, 2016

By Brandon Hastings August 9, 2016 9 August 2016


Inspired by the CBA Legal Futures report on Transforming the Delivery of Legal Services in Canada, here’s our biweekly round-up of noteworthy developments, opinions and news in the legal futures space as a means of furthering discussion about our changing legal marketplace

Jordan Furlong has returned to the blawgosphere with a couple of posts on the endangered partner and the obsolete associate. Not only do “associates mean less and less to law firms” who are increasingly using part-time and contract lawyers, Furlong writes, but the “payload of risk that partner status represents” will continue to get worse and make partnership “more of a burden than a blessing for a lot of lawyers.”

Meanwhile, Mark Cohen  makes the case that real gender diversity in law firms is virtually impossible until the traditional law firm partnership model disappears.

Stanford Law recently held a hackathon to change the dialogue surrounding the persistent diversity gap in BigLaw. The winner came up with a new and more gender neutral compensation model for law firms).

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