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The art of being strategic about marketing

By Sandra Bekhor October 12, 2018 12 October 2018

The art of being strategic about marketing


Websites, Google ads, SEO, swag, media, seminars, newsletters, LinkedIn, Facebook, video…

That’s all well and good as a list of relevant areas to do marketing for your firm. But how do you make them, collectively, help you take your practice where you want to go?

At the end of the day, marketing should be about more than just bringing in a few inquiries, which wouldn’t be a sustainable, or even satisfactory, return on your investment. It should be about pursuing what you really want. The right clients. The right files.

To really deliver impact, instead of an assembly line of disjointed efforts, you need an overarching strategy that ties all your activities together, a strategy driven by your firm’s identity and its goals.

Think about it. What do you (and your partners) really want for your firm? Be as specific as you can. Financially, strategically and personally.

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