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2013-2014 Incoming Branch Presidents

2013-2014 Incoming Branch Presidents

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Alberta - Marian De Souza

Position: Executive Director of the Alberta Lawyers’ Assistance Society.
Goals:  To focus on positioning lawyers for the future, leading development of specialized legal education, and advancing access to justice by partnering with stakeholders on matters of mutual concern.

British Columbia - Dean A. Crawford

Position:  Partner at Coutts Pulver LLP in Vancouver, practicing in the area of employment and labour law, human rights and government relations.
Goals:  To continue advocacy on access to justice issues, including the CBABC’s 2013 election platform recommendations, An Agenda for Justice, ensure successful implementation of recommendations of the lawyer wellness taskforce and ensure sustainability of the Rural Education and Access to Lawyers (REAL) program.

Manitoba - Scott Abel

Position: Partner with Paterson, Patterson, Wyman and Abel, in Brandon, Manitoba, with an emphasis on family law and civil litigation.
Goals:  To continue to develop, support and promote access to justice initiatives in all parts of the province, including rural and northern areas, and to continue to promote choice, value and engagement through the new CBA membership fee structure to members and potential members.

New Brunswick - Kevin J. Haché

Position: Currently employed at Cabinet Kevin J. Haché in Caraquet, N.-B..  He is a solo practitioner and has a general practice.
Goals: In the upcoming year I will be challenging members of the Board of Directors, Council and members of the CBA NB to be more involved in the Association knowing that this will allow CBA NB to achieve greater results.  I am committed to ensuring that we remain a leader in the presentation of professional development with the assistance of members in developing programming under the direction of the Professional Development Committee. Finally, I intend to work to enhance our members’ awareness of the benefits to them as a CBA members and to continue improving the image of the legal profession.

Newfoundland and Labrador - Cheryl Mullett

Position: Legal Counsel, City of St. John’s
Goals: To support initiatives to improve access to justice and to promote the advocacy work of the CBA. To improve member engagement and to increase the value of the CBA to its members and the profession by delivering relevant Section and Professional Development activities, supporting meaningful volunteer experiences and developing and promoting networking and mentoring opportunities.

Northwest Territories - Sandra MacKenzie

Position: Associate lawyer at Lawson Lundell LLP in Yellowknife. I have a broad civil litigation practice which includes civil disputes, labour, employment and human rights, and child protection work.
Goals: This year I hope to increase membership amongst younger lawyers,  engage the large group of public sector lawyers, and continue to have our membership actively contribute to legislation and law reform.

Nova Scotia - Robyn Elliott

Position: Solo family law lawyer with Elliott Law Inc. in Halifax.
Goals: 1.  Engage CBA members with top quality PD offerings and diverse opportunities for meaningful participation; 2.  Demonstrate the value of CBA membership to non member lawyers; and 3.  Support national and provincial access to justice initiatives.

Nunavut - John L. MacLean

Position: Legal counsel in the Legal & Constitutional Law Division, Nunavut Department of Justice, practicing access and privacy law, civil litigation, administrative law, and procurement.
Goals: (1) To promote the value of CBA membership by continuing to offer quality professional development and volunteer opportunities; (2) to support the Lawyers Assistance Program in promoting mental health and wellness initiatives in the legal community.

Ontario - Pascale Daigneault

Position: Partner at Fleck Law in Point Edward, near Sarnia, Ontario, practicing personal injury and wills & estates litigation.
Goals: To ensure the organization maximizes the use of technology to improve services to all members in large and small firms, across the province, in both English and French, and to our valued volunteers.

Prince-Edward-Island - Matthew Bradley

Position: Partner with Carr Stevenson & MacKay, General Practitioner
Goals: To promote to our members the advocacy work that CBA is undertaking on issues relevant to the profession, to increase awareness of the available opportunities for active engagement, particularly with our young lawyers.

Québec - Michèle Moreau

Position: Executive Director of the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice
Goals: To foster engagement from our present and potential members by promoting the benefits offered by our Association. To maintain relevant, high quality and innovative professional development programs. To multiply public statements and interventions, especially by advocating for increased access to justice.

Saskatchewan - Kylie M. Head

Position: Senior Crown Counsel with the Civil Law Division of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice in Regina, advising the Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy, primarily in the area of oil and gas and minerals.
Goals: Engage members and offer meaningful volunteer experiences.  Extend our reach through effective communication, including social media.  Build relationships with rural lawyers.  Engage effectively on legislative issues.

Yukon - Heather MacFadgen

Position: Director of Human Rights, Yukon Human Rights Commission in Whitehorse.
Goals: Increase membership, diversity, and  professional development opportunities for members, advocate for law reform particularly for people with FASD In the legal system, and advocate for part-time membership status.